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September, 17 2018
I just want to acknowledge how awesome Tania T is. I have had my haircut with her before and knew she was an amazing stylist. But today I got to see what an amazing person she is as well. I have a four year old Autistic and hard of hearing/ deaf son who needed his hair cut. I was very nervous about taking him because he can be a challenge. I took him to Tania T and she totally awesome with him. He got a great haircut and the whole experience was outstanding! I want to give a huge “thank you “to Tania. See you soon!
Nothing Negative!
September, 10 2018
Tania T is fantastic!
August, 13 2018
Tania did a great job! Very professional.
May, 27 2018 - Kurt Certified Review
Emily is very friendly and professional, excellent experience as always. Thanks Emily!!!
Services received:
  • Quick Cut with Emily
April, 05 2018
Great bunch of ladies and easy on the eyes. I'm 74 year old, and the wife dosnt let me out much due to my driving. The ladies are so nice and make me feel so handsome. I enjoy the way they call me sir. Wilbur A
March, 25 2018 - Nestor
Emily Read did a great job and made me feel at home! She is now my new favorite stylist.
March, 14 2018 - Bryan Certified Review
Friendly and accommodating on the phone, said she could squeeze me in at 2.
Arrive at 2 only to be asked if I can wait till 2:30. What was the point of rushing? Will not be returning.
Services received:
  • Quick Cut with Kayla
February, 22 2018
The mobile app sucks! I have an account but cannot find a way to login. Only feedback option is this review section. No option to email. Should have an account login on the main menu. One of the worst user-hostile websites in existence!
November, 28 2017 - Steve Certified Review
Great staff and service. Heather is the best.
Building has smelled like a waste treatment plant my last two visits.
Services received:
  • Veteran with Heather
September, 27 2017 - Scott Certified Review
My barber quit and moved away about a year and a half ago. I have been looking for a regular place to get a haircut and tried many. Dianna gave me the best haircut I have had in a year and a half. Quick and good. Very nice!
Services received:
  • Fire/Police Ensign with Dianna